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Here you can find information on public transport of Samara and Togliatti:
subway, trams, trolleybuses, buses, taxi and airlines.
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Samara Region:

The Samara Region is situated in the middle flow of the River Volga. Near the old Zhiguli Mountains the river makes a steep turn bending round the Samarskaya Luka – natural reserve, which is unique by its nature. The Samara Region is a forest-steppe region.

The Samara Region economics sectors are represented virtually by all key branches: mining operations and processing of semi-products, production of electric power, chemistry and petroleum chemistry, metallurgy, mechanical engineering (including motor-car construction), manufacturing of bearings for machines, aircraft building and production of space ships and vehicles, light and food industries. According to international expert opinion, the Samara Region takes the 5th place among 89 regions of the Russian Federation as for human potential. The amount of consumer expenditures the Samara Region yield only to the Moscow Region.

Over 30 state-run and non-governmental universities, 1,368 state-run elementary and secondary schools and Lyceums, 22 non-governmental schools of general education – all these educational institutions operate in the Region. The research-and-technical and technological potential is significant; over 60 organizations are involved in exact sciences and applied sciences, in R&D. The Oblast hosts over 100 theatres – state-run, municipal, private, folk and amateur. The Samara Region is a cultural center representing works of Russian and Oriental art, pieces of art executed by avant-gardism artists, sculptors, etc.

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